Houses for Sale in Silver Lake, Indiana

Silver Lake is a quaint town at the southern end of Kosciusko County, Indiana.

This neighborhood was initially called Silver Lakeville in 1859 because of the community’s proximity to Silver Lake. Later shortened, the local government gave it the tagline “the beginning and end of your hometown dreams.” Rightfully so, houses for sale in Silver Lake, Indiana, are visually appealing, beautifully constructed, and close to some locally-grown establishments. This community is laidback and is a popular spot for people who prefer being near the water’s edge, whether it’s for taking a dip or exploring its expanse. If you’re ready to live out that hometown dream, give us a call so we can map out viewing schedules and a tour for you.

CHARMING HOMES: The homes in Silver Lake are fascinating and beautiful. They have classic designs that are very appealing. The houses are modest, but they offer a lot of space, and they are well-built. Some homeowners spend lots of time trimming and gardening to make it look more beautiful. Many homeowners take care of their lawns, keeping the neighborhood neat all year round. The houses for sale in Silver Lake, Indiana, are perfect for first-time home buyers and young families who don’t want to worry about high property taxes or upkeep on their homes. Homes in the area have varying price points, so it is easy to find one that fits your budget. Homes sell quickly in this area because of how much people love living here.

PROFITABLE ACCOMMODATIONS: There are many reasons why someone would want to buy a house in Silver Lake, Indiana. It is a beautiful place to live, with plenty of advantages for residents. One of the most significant advantages is that it is a very profitable place to buy an investment property. With the proper research and timing, you can easily make a substantial return on your investment. Homebuyers should consider a short-term stay or lease as one way to gain from their investment. It’s a simple way to make passive income and grow your portfolio. Renting out rooms and homes to travelers is a popular way for people to make money online these days, with a few upgrading their homes to wireless locks. So, they don’t have to be on the property to let renters into the property.

SPECTACULAR SCENERIES: There’s no doubt that Silver Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Indiana. The views are breathtaking, and there are so many outdoor activities. Swimming, fishing, and hiking are just a few options available to residents. Plus, the lake itself is simply stunning. It has gorgeous views for all seasons. And while it’s not advisable, you can go ice fishing or skate on the frozen lake surface during the winter. You’ll also love living here during summer because there is plenty of sandy where you can enjoy swimming or sunbathing with your family.

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Homes in Silver Lake, IN

5 Real Estate Facts about Silver Lake, IN

  • You can find houses for sale in Silver Lake, Indiana, ranging from the $235K to the $1.08M mark.
  • Simple single-family homes start at 504 sqft.
  • Luxurious homes can go up to 6,512 sqft.
  • Lot sizes for the houses for sale in the area go up to 77.89 acres.
  • The house designs in Silver Lake include bungalows, craftsman-style, and lake homes. Several homes were built in the early 1900s and several more from the early 2000s.
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112 E Main Street

Silver Lake, IN, 46982


203 W Myrtle Glen Road

Silver Lake, IN, 46982


308 E Sycamore Street

Silver Lake, IN, 46982


816 N Roosevelt Street

Silver Lake, IN, 46982
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Silver Lake Map

Direct access to the Silver Lake waters is available through Silver Lake City’s northwestern boundary, which forms part of the lake’s coastline. North Edgewater and West Neher Road run parallel to this coastline as well. The rest of the western border heading south comprises North Neer drive and Peru Road. Entry to Silver Lake, Indiana, can be made through the south, along South Jefferson Street where you’ll drive by Family Dollar Store, Lake City Bank, Subway, Silver Lake Town Hall, Marathon Gas, and Pizza King. You’ll reach the community’s northern edge once you reach West Dixie Drive, which leads back west to the lake.

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Things to do in Silver Lake

The Art Giraffe

This art gallery has beautiful art pieces and offers intimate lessons on creating different types of art.

Bonus Pints

This crafty entertainment center showcases classic arcade games and serves good food. They also have schedules for live music.

Reads Racing Unlimited

This family-run race track serves as a venue for thrill seekers and motocross lovers to connect and have fun.

Zip Timberlake

Adrenaline junkies who are into extreme sports can chase the thrill at this adventure park. You have supervised zipline options and other exciting activities.


Schools in Silver Lake

School Name
Claypool Elementary School
K – 6
Wabash Middle School
5 – 8
Whitko High School
7 – 12