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Warsaw, Indiana, is a famous tourist destination known as the “Lake City” because it is surrounded by four beautiful lakes: Winona Lake, Pike Lake, Hidden Lake, and Center Lake. It is home to a robust economy offering various local services for comfort and convenience.

In addition to having an exceptional heritage, Warsaw also boasts a culinary culture and many restaurants that are distinctive in various aspects. Restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana constitute the backbone of native food culture and ensure the preservation of agribusiness and cuisine traditions from one generation to the next.

If you prefer to avoid preparing food at home, there are numerous restaurants that deliver in Warsaw, Indiana that will save you the trouble of making meals on your own.

We have compiled a list of the best Warsaw, Indiana restaurants for you to explore and visit this weekend as you feast to your heart’s content.

Downtown Warsaw, Indiana Restaurants

Downtown Warsaw, Indiana Restaurants

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Downtown Eatery and Spirits

Address: 205 W Center Street, Warsaw, IN 46580

Downtown Eatery & Spirits is the restaurant for you if you live in the Warsaw area and have a passion for American cuisine. It is a well-known gathering spot recognized for the excellent cuisine and drinks that they serve.

One Ten Craft Meatery

Address: 110 N Buffalo St, Warsaw, IN 46580

An idyllic restaurant serving modern, farm-to-table, Midwestern cuisine with a focus on the locality and also offers a meat market. You can choose from a comprehensive selection of dishes featured on their menu, or you can ask for your dish to be prepared with a specific item sourced locally.

Cozy Cottage Restaurant

Address: 1821 E Market St, Warsaw, IN 46580

A quaint restaurant adored by locals. Guests can take advantage of the delicious food offered at affordable prices.

Breakfast is a popular option at Cozy Cottage, which offers it throughout the day, along with a variety of other alternatives for great, home-cooked meals served by staff members who are friendly and accommodating.

Peking Restaurant

Address: 312 S Buffalo St, Warsaw, IN 46580

One of the many cozy Chinese restaurants Warsaw, Indiana is Peking Restaurant, which serves up generous servings of well-known dishes in a quaint environment. Foods are cooked upon order, ensuring they are served piping hot and completely fresh. Customers have the option of eating there or taking their food to go.

La Troje

Address: 115 S Buffalo St, Warsaw, IN 46580

An outstanding Mexican restaurant that can be found in the heart of Downtown Warsaw and that provides a comprehensive menu of exceptional dishes, together with top-notch services and an inviting interior for a memorable dining experience.

In addition to its extensive beer list, La Troje is a warm, buzzing, and aesthetically pleasing destination perfect for hanging out with friends.

American Restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana

American Restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana

Photo by SJ 📸 on Unsplash

Address: 700 Park Ave, Winona Lake, IN 46590

Delectable meals, including surf and turf, pasta, and various Mediterranean and New American fare, are served in a modern lakeside summer garden flanked on all sides by verdant greenery.

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

Address: 113 E Center St, Warsaw, IN 46580

An exquisite brewery, tavern, and family-friendly restaurant tucked away within The Munchie Emporium, a notable diverse restaurant and deli in the downtown area of Warsaw, Indiana. This popular dining place is recognized for its extensive assortment of bottled beers, including domestic and international varieties.

Barbee Hotel Bar and Grill

Address: 3620 N Barbee Rd UNIT 2, Warsaw, IN 46582

A classy American restaurant famous for its excellent service and the variety of delectable delicacies it offers. The Barbee Hotel Bar & Grill is a perfect spot for getting together with friends to have a tasty meal and refreshing drinks.

Ruby Tuesday

Address: 3308 E Center St, Warsaw, IN 46582

A chain restaurant known for its American cuisine and cheerful atmosphere, featuring hamburgers, salad bars, cocktails, and other drinks.


Address: 2621 E Center St, Warsaw, IN 46580

A chain of bars and grills that offers full service and serves flavorful American cuisine in a pleasant setting.

Korean Restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana

Korean Restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana

Photo by Himal Rana on Unsplash

Seoul Garden

Address: 1025 W McKinley Ave, Mishawaka, IN 46545

A cozy and appealing Korean restaurant with a large selection of samgyupsal and other cuisines, such as Japanese meals and sushi, served in a modest environment and with outdoor seating during the summertime.

Sunny's Korean Restaurant

Address: 512 S Spring St, Mishawaka, IN 46544

A Korean establishment that exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance and prepares traditional dishes in cozy quarters. Sunny’s Korean Restaurant maintains a high standard of excellent quality throughout. Not only is the food fantastic, but also the service their staff provides. Make sure to reserve a table on the weekends and enjoy a good time with your family and friends.

Ryu's Kitchen

Address: 2445 Hobson Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

A local restaurant with a Korean theme serving dishes that are favorites in east Asia and Korea. They aim to give their customers an unforgettable adventure by crafting one-of-a-kind meals with fresh, regionally sourced ingredients.

Naked Tchopstix

Address: 8607 US-24, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

A local restaurant and bar chain that features a contemporary ambiance and serves sushi and other Pan-Asian foods. Naked Tchopstix has won numerous honors for its sushi and different cuisines, including “Best Sushi Restaurant in Indianapolis” for the past six years.

True Kimchi

Address: 2805 E State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Woman- and Korean-owned business making traditional kimchi. True Kimchi Cafe & Provisions is a Korean grocery store that also serves house-made banchan and quick-casual meals.

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Warsaw, Indiana is a picturesque hamlet that boasts a thriving restaurant scene that is certain to cater to the preferences of any visitor. Don’t hesitate to make your way to the Warsaw/Winona Lake area the next time you consider upgrading your dining trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Warsaw, Indiana is situated between Hidden Lake, Pike Lake, and Center Lake on the north and Winona Lake on the southeast. The Tippecanoe River borders the western part of Warsaw.

The downtown part of the city is passable by U.S. Route 30 and Indiana State Road 15. Meanwhile, State Road 25 begins on West Market Street and connects with State Road 15 and West Winona Avenue.

One of the top-rated restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana that we recommend is American Table Restaurant. This quaint restaurant has been around for a very long time and is known for serving hearty portions of traditional American cuisine in a casual setting.

Oak and Alley is widely regarded as one of the finest dining establishments that can be discovered in the city of Warsaw, Indiana. The Certified Angus Beef and unique combinations of ground chuck, sirloin, and brisket in their handmade burgers are some of the greatest you’ll ever eat.

Restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana offer exceptionally-crafted cuisine of the highest quality using only the freshest local ingredients. Many different culinary possibilities are also available around the city, ranging from classic to exotic meals worldwide, including American, Korean, and Japanese fare.

There are also several Italian restaurants in Warsaw, Indiana offering authentic European dining experiences. Most Warsaw, Indiana restaurants provide affordable dishes, with quality meals costing far less than in other European capitals.

Are there any hidden gems among Warsaw’s restaurants that people should know about? Warsaw has an impressive culinary scene. Despite its growing reputation, only a few visitors have yet to discover this city’s hidden culinary treasures. One of the best-kept restaurants Warsaw, Indiana is Yamato’s Steakhouse of Japan.

It is a cutting-edge restaurant with an award-winning menu made by a chef with profound experience and enthusiasm for his craft. Try a variety of sushi made just for you, from light and delicate pieces to more substantial ones, all with fresh, exciting toppings.

There are also many Warsaw, Indiana Mexican restaurants to explore and indulge in around the city, offering more culinary options to locals and visitors.